on 26 November 2019
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WorkLife Training Professionals Management Training Programme on “Improving Performance and Commitment in the Workplace” held from 20 – 22 November 2019 in Nasarawa State. Participants for the programme came from the National Examination Council (NECO), FCT Area Council Service Commission, Rural Homes Ltd, Abuja, to mention but few.
The training was intensive, interactive and educative. Participants were taken through;
• Managing Organisational and Personal Commitment
• Managing Office Time, Handling Pressure and Stress at Work
• Identifying and Delivering your Key Performance Areas through Positive Workplace Attitude
• Implementing Change in a Dynamic Workplace through Synergistic Teamwork and
• Assertive Communication and Effective Delegation for Improved Performance.

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on 26 November 2019
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The need for effective Local Government Administration especially as they are the closest to the people at the grassroots’ levels made Segnip Promotion Limited with support from the Presidency, Office of the Secretary to the Government of the Federation, Political and Economic Affairs Department of State and Local Government to bring together Local Government Functionaries to the Main Hall of Royal Choice Hotel CBD, Abuja from 28-29 November 2019 for a 2-day workshop on Emerging Options and Strategies of Resource Mobilisation and Management for Sustainable Development in Local Government. I delivered two papers; Strategies and Challenges of Resource Mobilization and Revenue Generation for Rural Transformation at the Local Government and Stakeholders’/Citizens participation and Engagement in Local Government Administration in Nigeria.
For Effective Resource Mobilisation, participants were told to SPEAK and for better Stakeholders’/Citizens' engagement, all that is required is to be HUMAN. The meaning of each of the alphabets was explained to the participants. Find below some pictures at the event.

on 26 November 2019
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Most times when we teach Customer Relationship Management, our attention is always on the external customers not internal whereas the extent to which you can successfully manage the external customers is dependent on the workings and satisfaction of the internal customers. In most organisation you notice staff 'wickedness' to fellow staff. Delay in attending to papers, unnecessary bureaucracies etc.
Organisations are created as a platform to help. The 'cycle of help' was explained to the participants and in the final analysis a take home code (CRM acronym) was given and explained to the participants. This happened at the training organized for Senior staff, Area Tax Managers (ATMs) of Kogi State Internal Revenue Services (KGSIRS), Lokoja from 13-14 November, 2019. The course was designed to redefine CRM and work ethics.

on 26 November 2019
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On the 16th November, 2019 @ Kwara Hotel, Ilorin, Kwara State, our Chief Executive Officer delivered a paper on Business Structure and Sustainable Growth. This programme was put together by Dr. Yemisi Adeyeye tagged ' Success Strategies with Dr Yemisi Adeyeye. In the course of my lecture, we looked at why businesses die early in Nigeria while a company like Guinness started 1759 despite the preaching by the two dominant religion against alcohol, Guinness is still surviving and declaring heavy profits in billion naira/dollar each year. Who are those responsible for this? At the end of my lecture, participants were told to build their businesses on the philosophy of being HUMAN and in difficult times SPARK. The meaning of each of the alphabets was thoroughly explained. Find some pictures at the event.